Boral Masonry Coast Pavers 400x400x40mm (Driftwood) – Old Stock ‘Firsts’ quality’* 35% off

$9.85 $6.40 inc GST per Unit

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Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 40 mm Yard Pickup Price:

These pavers are located in the Darling Downs Brick Sales yard. These prices are yard pick-up prices.

Paver Type:

Concrete Paver

Units Per Square Metre:


Category: Pavers Brand: SKU: BMCOASTDSALE

NB: Information provided by the manufacturer. This Boral Coast Paver Sale is for old stock ‘firsts quality’, that has been sitting in the yard for a considerable period of time. Some pavers may be affected with dust and/or mould, particularly the top layer – This can be cleaned off.  This Coast Paver sale only applies to stock which is now in the Darling Downs Brick Sales yard.  

Coast pavers blend the freshness of bright white sandy beaches and pale stone hues to create natural shades that bring to mind the weathered sandstone cliffs that line the coast.

All Coast pavers are manufactured in Australia

Recommended for General domestic use, Pedestrians, Pool (salt resistant) * Sealing recommended.

Shade variation may occur from batch to batch.




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